LeavesBot - Command list

*leaves or *lv - Gives you leaves
*cdr - Resets the cooldown for *leaves (costs 8 leaves)
*bet [number, %, all] - Gamble your leaves
*reminder on/off - Get pinged once you can get more leaves
*give [username] [amount or all] - Give leaves to other users
*multiplier - Enables a multiplier for 3 hours: Wins count x3; looses count x0.5 (Multiplier costs 25 leaves)
*stats [username] - Shows your or somebody else's stats
*rankup - Ranks up to the next rank (costs leaves; highest rank is Diamond 1)
*top or *ranking - Shows you the top 5 people with the most leaves
*joinlottery - Join the daily lottery (entry costs 10 leaves)
*lottery - Gives you information about the current lottery (entries, potential win)
*lotterymessage on/off - Disable/Re-enabled the lottery message which gets posted every 2 hours
*rank - Shows your current rank compared to other users
*join (only works in the chat of the bot) - Makes the bot join your channel
*part (only works in the chat of the bot) - Makes the bot leave your channel
*reconnect - Makes the bot reconnect to your channel (useful when you got unbanned or the bot is not responding to *help in your chat)
*ban - Bans someone from using the bot (Admin only)
*unban - Unbans someone from using the bot (Admin only)
*help - Sends a link to this page

Support: https://discord.gg/YNaBJpSFMd

Many commands have a slowmode of 5 seconds to avoid spam and shadow bans.